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Scott Heslop interview

Amongst other things, we speak to Scott Heslop on his impressive trophy haul following the clubs recent end of season presentation.

The 26 forward was voted as The Committees player of the season, Player's player of the season and Dunston UTS FC Supporters Club player of the season after a superb season during Dunston FC's first campaign in The Northern Premier League North West Division.

It’s obvious that last season was a standout season for you, given the accolades you received. What are your thoughts?

On a personal level, I'm over the moon with winning three individual awards, I feel like it's a good achievement.  As a team, I don’t think we performed to the level we are capable of, but we will put that right this season.

Bearing in mind you won Supporter's, Committee and Player's Player of the season awards, did any, or all of the awards come as a surprise? 

I was honestly so shocked you have no idea. I didn’t expect one award never mind three!  

What targets have you set yourself for this season?

Every season I set myself to try and score 20 goals a season. But more so staying fit for the full season would be nice. 

Given how we’ve strengthened the squad during pre-season, how do you compare our squad to others in the league?

 We’ve signed some quality players in Tez and Connell. I think we’ll be pushing for promotion this year. If we aren’t then it’s going to be a massively disappointing season.

Craig Scott has been announced as club captain for the coming season, what do you think he’ll bring to the role?

Craig has that experience and he’s a smashing lad. Hopefully he’ll bring the best out of players.  

Players have looked sharp in pre-season, who has stood out? 

Not too sure yet, well probably be able to see who’s the sharpest once the games come thick and fast. 

Who do you think will present the biggest challenge in our pre-season friendlies?

Biggest challenge will be Grantham I think, but all the Northern League teams will be tough tests, they always are.

How do you feel the squad have adapted to the changes brought about by Covid-19?

The lads have adapted well with the changes COVID has made. The Club has ensured all the guidelines are adhered to in training and testing but it’s been good. 

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Interview by Graham Heslop

Published Wednesday 5th August 2020