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Dunston UTS FC - UTS Stadium break in.

Club news

A break in at the ground occurred during the evening of Sunday 22nd of August and early hours/morning of Monday 23rd August. We urge the community of Dunston to come forward with any information regarding the incident.

Dunston UTS FC are devastated to find that a break in at the ground occurred last night.

If you have any information, which may help us to assist the Police in finding the culprits, please send us a message directly through social media, speak to committee member directly or telephone the club directly.

We are a community focussed club, ran by hard working volunteers. 

The community around Dunston need to support one another, as this vile type of criminal behaviour is unacceptable 

If you have CCTV footage in the local area please contact us.

The incident happened during Sunday night/Monday morning. 

Any information and assistance relating to this incident is greatly appreciated.

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If anyone in Dunston has any information regarding the identities of these two masked criminals,  seen in and around the Dunston Rd, Meadow Lane area of our village at around 4am this morning, please let us know.

2 Males, one wearing a dark blue jacket,  pushing a wheelie bin around filled with pilfered goods

Published Monday 23rd August 2021