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Dunston UTS FC - Sponsorship News

Club news

We thank Foster Cares Ltd for their Pitch-side sponsorship this season.

As Dunston UTS FC continues to develop, both on and off the pitch this season, we are delighted to welcome Foster Cares Ltd to our list of sponsors. 


“At Foster Cares Ltd, we're a family-run business, and our commitment to fostering is rooted in our belief in the power of love and support. This belief extends not only to the families we help create but also to the communities we serve”

“Our sponsorship of Dunston FC is a testament to our belief in the power of teamwork and support, both on and off the football field. It's our way of contributing to the local spirit and passion that unites us as a community”

We're excited to be part of this partnership and look forward to a brighter future together, united in our passion for the game”

All the best for the season from all of us at Foster Cares Ltd.

Our 2023/24 Season Commercial brochure can be accessed 


Published Tuesday 3rd October 2023