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Club statement


Dunston UTS FC are proudly sponsored by UTS Engineering Ltd

With the season 2020/21 being severely disrupted due to lockdown periods and severe restrictions within Tier 3, Dunston UTS Football Club would like to thank our Vice Presidents, sponsors, supporters and the many other people who have continued to support the club, not just especially this season when times have been abnormal to say the least, but for many seasons.

A special thanks go to Mr. Shaun Sadler of UTS Engineering Ltd, the club sponsor of Dunston UTS Football Club. Shaun has been involved with the club for 12 years and we are proud of his involvement as President of our club. Not only have the club progressed on the playing field but improvements to the UTS Stadium over the years can be attributed to his and the involvement of UTS Engineering.


On the positive side thanks to help from our sponsors, the Football Foundation and the Football Stadia Improvement Fund the UTS Stadium has had a massive upgrade over the last two seasons. New stadium and pitch perimeter fencing has been installed, new dugouts, new improved spectator viewing area in the Tommy Cooney Stand, new gents toilet block, new club shop, new medical facility, an upgrade of the floodlight system, upgrade of turnstiles, upgrade of officials changing facilities and renovation of the playing area. All this has been done with promotion to the next step, Step3, in mind. All facilities are now in place to achieve the necessary Ground Grading Level to achieve the progress.


After making an excellent start on the playing field the suspension of fixtures has been a huge disappointment but we are sure we can pick up where we left off when, and if, we get the season underway once more.

Finally I would like to think that when we do get back to some kind of normality and crowds within non league grounds are not limited we can increase our fan base. All spectators, home, away and neutrals make the game what it is and as we have seen without them it is a different world even at non league level. We have an excellent team on the field, first class spectator facilities at the UTS Stadium and our excellent committee will make you most welcome.         


All the very best from Dunston UTS F.C.

Published Wednesday 23rd December 2020