Following a directive from the F.A. Dunston UTS Football Club will be renamed Dunston Football Club from season 2019/20. This change has come about because of a regulation within the F.A. Kit and Advertising Regulations which forbids clubs above Step 6 to include a company name within the club name for advertising purposes.

This regulation came in to force in season 2017/18. Unfortuneately this means the inclusion of the company name of our main club sponsor within the club name will disappear from this forthcoming season. We have been advised by the F.A. that the exclusion of company name UTS relates to football matters only ie league name, fixtures, league details, county and F.A. Competitions. The name UTS can be be included in all other club activities ie website name, media, merchandise, supporters club name etc.

We are delighted to announce that the omission of UTS from our club name has not affected our 10 year association with the company UTS. Mr. Shaun Sadler of UTS will continue his fantastic support of our club as we look to progress through the pyramid system.

The UTS banner is still very much a part of Dunston Football Club.

Dunston UTS FC are Proudly sponsored by UTS Engineering Ltd