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Jack Elliott returns to Dunston FC

Jack Elliott

Jack Elliott returns to Dunston FC after leaving the club at the end of last season. Jack joined Dunston FC in March 2018.

Hopefully this will get you up and running quickly, but will also give you a good idea of what's possible with your new Football Web Pages web site.

We've created four initial pages for you:

  • A home page, with content to show you the last/next match, the most recent news item, fixtures/results and the current league table
  • A fixtures/results page, which includes all of your first team's matches for this season, auto-populated by the FWP engine
  • A latest news page, which will show all of your news items in reverse chronological order
  • A league table page, showing the current league table, again powered by the FWP engine

We've then created the menu for you, to give users access to these pages. We've also added a link to your club's Twitter account.

The look of the site is now entirely down to you. We've put the club's name in the header, along with the badge, but you can change that entirely if you like. We've also given you our standard set of colours, but all of that can be changed.

To make changes to the look of the site, and everything else, you'll need to head to the Admin Centre (which is linked in the top-right corner of the site for those users who can access it). In there you'll see all sorts of options available to you; these are briefly outlined below:

  • Analytics - if you use Google Analytics this is where you set things up so that you can continue to track your visitors
  • Documents - sometimes you need to give users access to various forms or posters; you can do that by uploading these to the "Documents" area and then inserting links to your news items/pages
  • Fixtures/Results - whilst the FWP engine will take care of the first team, if you add other teams (see below) you'll need to manually add their matches
  • Images - every web site needs images, and this is where you upload those that you are going to use; you will have to categorise each image, but this will make it much easier to find - and then reuse - in the future!
  • Layout - here you can add bespoke CSS and HTML to certain areas of your site; this should be done with caution, and you might want to get in touch with us for advice!
  • Logs - just a list of who's done what in the backend of your site
  • Menu - this is where you can make changes to the menu that your users see, adding or removing pages or drop-downs
  • News Items - these can be added via the news page itself, but you can also do the same from here
  • Pages - the heart of your site, certainly when you're setting it up; here you can create new pages and edit the content
  • Players - add and edit players for each of your teams here
  • Settings - we've done some of this for you, but this is where you can make global changes to your site
  • Social Media - add your club's Facebook/Twitter accounts to then auto-post an update with one click when you add a news item
  • Stylesheet - this is where you can make changes to the look of your site
  • Teams - we've created a "First Team" for you, but feel free to add additional teams
  • Users - give other users access to all or parts of your site

You'll also see a section called "Billing". Your free trial runs for 28 days and you'll receive a reminder to set up a direct debit a week before this date. If you don't set up payment you can still make use of the site, but it will revert to our "Trialist" package, which means that you'll see multiple adverts on each page and will have reduced functionality.

We really hope you get on well with your site. This is all still quite new to us and we'd love to receive feedback on any aspect of things, whether that's the sign-up process, the "template" that we've created or how to use the site. We're also very happy to help you with the initial set up of things, so please do get in touch if you need to.

All the very best,
Football Web Pages.

Published Monday 9th September 2019 (last updated Tuesday 10th September 2019)