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City of Liverpool

Dunston FC v City of Liverpool


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City of Liverpool Football Club.

TDP Solicitors Stadium, Vesty Road, Bootle L30 1NY

Nickname.. The Purps

Founded.. 2015

Last Season.. North West Counties League Premier Division, 1st of 20 (promoted)

This seasons leading league goal scorer... Thomas Peterson on 5

Present league Position 10th, Played 10 Won 5 Drew 1 For 17 Against 11

Formation and league application (2015-16)

The first meeting that led to the formation of the club was proposed in October 2014 by Paul Manning and present at that first meeting, were Peter Furmedge, Martin Jones, Kevin Morland and Nicky Allt.  A number of names such as "Liverpool City FC" and "Merseyside FC" were considered before the club was officially established in May 2015 as "City of Liverpool FC".

The club chose to play in the colour purple due to it being the civic colour of the city and that the fact that the cities two big Premier League clubs Everton F.C. wear blue and Liverpool F.C. wear red, blue and red makes purple.

Due to work commitments and other issues Allt and Morland had left the venture by December 2014 and in February 2015, Stuart Fitzgerald joined the remaining 3 committee members. 

The club held an open public meeting in September 2015 by which time Martin Jones had left the organisation, at which the community voted to form the club as a CBS (a Community Benefit Society) on socialist principles, and the club then moved forward to making an application to join The North West Counties League for season 2016–17, in December 2015. In February 2016 the club held its first member's meeting at Jack Jones House in Liverpool City Centre. 

Simon Burton, formerly of Runcorn Town, was appointed as the first manager of the club in March 2016. The club applied to join the North West Counties Football League in early 2016 but their application was rejected by the FA in May and they were instead placed in the Liverpool County Premier League.  

They chose to take up their option to appeal against the decision, particularly in light of the league being left with a vacancy following the resignation of Northwich Manchester Villa, and attended an appeal hearing at Wembley Stadium on 8 June 2016, attended by the two remaining directors, Paul Manning and Peter Furmedge, as Stuart Fitzgerald had left the board in April 2016. The appeal was successful, allowing the club to join the First Division of the North West Counties Football League for the 2016–17 season

Club Records...

  • Best FA Cup Performance: Second qualifying round, 2018–19
  • Best FA Vase Performance: Third round, 2017–18 
  • Record home win: 8–0 vs Atherton Laburnum Rovers, 29 August 2016, NWCFL Division One
  • Record away win: 0–10 vs Stockport Town, 31 December 2016, NWCFL Division One
  • Record home attendance: 1,024 vs Nantwich Town, 1 September 2017, FA Cup First qualifying round
  • Average home attendance (League): 521
  • Average home attendance (Cups): 659

Published Tuesday 29th October 2019 (last updated Friday 15th November 2019)